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Frequently Asked Questions about GNAVI

What is GNAVI?
Who wrote GNAVI?
Contributing to GNAVI
Can I participate in GNAVI development?
What are the License and Copyright considerations for contributing to GNAVI?
Developer Support
How can I find out when CVS changes have occured?
How do I access the current development files?
Where can I find project internal documents?
Where is the GNAVI SourceForge project?
Can I sell applications written with GNAVI?
Do applications written in GNAVI become GPL Licensed applications?
What is the GNAT Modified GPL (GMGPL)?
What is the GPL?
I found a bug, what do I do?
I want a feature so bad I am willing to pay to have it now! What should I do?
I would like to see a feature added to GNAVI, what do I do?
Is an e-mail list available for GNAVI?
Is commercial support available for GNAVI?

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