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Project Notes - procedures
GNAVI Projects Notes


	Monthly Reports
	Release Procedures
	Copyright Assignment Procedure

-- Monthly Reports --

In order to help coordinate, inspire and move forward every one should
towards the end of each month post a message to the gnavi-discuss list
with a small summary of current work on the GNAVI project. This
includes when possible even students and end users that are working
on code that uses GNAVI. Excitement breads excitement!

-- Release Procedures --

0) pick a release coordinator

1) announce to developers that there will be a release
    1a) set a freeze date, a couple weeks ahead
    1b) request that developers check in all code that is ready for
    1c) request that developers _not_ check in any other code

2) On the freeze date, create a branch for the release
    2a) after the branch is created, developers can check in anything
        on the main branch (subject to the normal approval process)

3) Run all automated tests on the code in the release branch.

4) package up the release branch in the normal releases, with the
   added notation "pre-release"

5) have all interested developers and alpha users test the release for

6) fix any problems on the release branch, package up again, announce
   official release.

7) merge fixes on release branch back into main branch.

-- Copyright Assignment Procedure --

See copyright_assignment_procedure.txt

(c) 1999-2004 All Rights Reserved David Botton