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Project Notes - coding_standards
GNAVI Projects Notes

Contribution Notes:

In order to insure that your contributions are added quicker and to insure
uniformity, please keep to the following guide lines. We will of course accept
any thing you wish to contribute, but these guidlines make it easier for
inclusion avoiding a need for us to spend time on making your code conform.

All code contributed must contain a header spec. stating that the code is under
the GMGPL. Please see the FAQ regarding copyright issues before submitting.

Perhaps this may all sound a bit much, but code should work well and look good
    and so be understandable and inspirational!

Compiler Options -
    Your package must compile with the -gnaty -gnatwae option which forces most of
	the rules below

Casing -
    GWindows, GStrings, etc. Insure that your packages use the same casing as
        GWindows does.
    Be consistent with in your code.

Comments -
    All comments (accept (c) block should be two spaces after the --)

    Every procedure / function in the package body should have a comment
        block before it like this:

        -- My_Subprogram --

    When creating a handler extension, the On_X, Fire_On_X, and On_X_Handler 
        may be under one comment block
        -- On_X --
    Comments should start capitalized 

    Subprogram comments in specs go below the subprogram

    Sections of code should be blocked with comments like this:
   --  Local Specs

Style -
    No lines over 79 chars (79 fits on terminals, in e-mails and in docs)
    Space before ('s
    No With's when not used in package
    Avoid use of "use" when possible and reasonable
    Unless function/procedure and parameters and return and is fits on one line
        return and is should appear on line by itself.
        function a (abc : abc_type) return Boolean is

        function a (abc : abc_type;
                    bcd : bcd_type)
                    return ABC;
        procedure a (abc : abc_type) is

        procedure a (abc : abc_type;
                     bcd : bcd_type)

    Other then operation on type defined in current unit and those in
	 GWindows.ads, all types should use full path,
	 e.g. GWindows.Types.Point_Type

Case -

    "when" should be indented on each line beyond case.

    case x is
       when this_or_that =>
       when others =>
    end case;
Identifiers -
    Should be in cap case and use underscores as spaces to make complete words:
        function My_Indetifier (Object : in My_Special_Type);
    This may be relaxes in body for OS bindings:
        CreateWindow, etc.
    OS Constants if they need appear in the specs should be in the OS casing

Coding -
     Objects in GWindows have "Properties" and "Methods" properties set and
        get values methods cause the object to perform some action. Setting
        of a property may also cause an action	to occur

    When creating a property be sure to create both set and get of property

    When possible every property should set and get a single type,
       ie. only one parameter for	getting the object and two for setting
           the object and Value : XXXX.

	When working with windowing functions use X,Y, Width, Height as parameters.

	In drawing code and drawing related code, use Point_Type, Size_Type and
		Rectangle and if there is a need add an overloaded method using X,Y etc.

File/Package names - 

    AUnit -
        Package 'Foo.AUnit' contains AUnit testing utilities for types in package

(c) 1999-2004 All Rights Reserved David Botton