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Project Notes - cvs_notes
GNAVI Projects Notes

-- Getting Notices of CVS Updates --

To receive notice of changes to CVS sign up for the gnavi-cvs list.

-- How to checkout with TortoiseCVS --
--  Jerry van Dijk

1. Get and install TortoiseCVS (http://www.tortoisecvs.org/)

2. Open Window Explorer and select a main project directory

3. Currently there are 6 modules (= subdirectories) in CVS:

   a. gnavi_project   -  Project information, procedures, etc.
   b. gnatcom
   c. gwindows
   d. gwindows_osx
   e. gnavi           -  GNAVI IDE, ICG and other Tools
   f. third_party     -  Versions of libraries used by GNAVI

   (David Botton: You can now click on Fetch List... next to the
   module text box and TortoiseCVS will load in the module list
   directly from CVS)
   To find out which subdirs there are goto the sourceforge homepage
   (http://sourceforge.net/projects/gnavi/) and click on CVS in the project
   menubar. On the CVS page click right on 'Browse CVS Repository'. Under
   CVSROOT it wil list the currently available modules or subdirectories.

4. To checkout a module do the following:

   a. With the work directory selected in Window Explorer, click right in
      the right exlorere pane. The popup that appears has 'CVS Checkout'
      as the top option. Left click it.

   b. In the checkout module that now appears fill in the following fields:

      Protocol:           Password server [:pserver:]
      Server:             cvs.sourceforge.net
      Repository folder:  /cvsroot/gnavi
      User name:          anonymous

      Note that these datafields are combined in the CVSROOT field

   c. Now fill in the module name, for example' gnatcom' and press ok.

   d. TortoiseCVS will now connect to sourceforge and retrieve the module.
      You can ignore the message that the password is empty, this is ok
      for an anonymous checkout.

5. Repeat step 4 for all modules you want to checkout.

6. CVS remembers all information about the checkout, the above data do not
   have to be given again.

7. For more info see the TortoiseCVS manual.

(David Botton: If you would like to submit fixes and changes, I prefer to
receive your entire modified file instead of a diff. Thanks!)

(c) 1999-2004 All Rights Reserved David Botton