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GNAVI Press Releases - 2004-10-24
Press Releases for GNAVI - Open Source Visual RAD

                     Announcing the release of

                             GNATCOM 1.4
                  COM/COM+/DCOM/Active X for Ada 95

                           October 24, 2003

GNATCOM, the Professional Open Source Ada 95 COM/COM+/DCOM/Active X
binding has been updated to GNATCOM 1.4a. This release incorporates
extensive support of directly embedding and controling ActiveX
controls for GWindows based applications.

Thanks to GNATCOM, the Ada 95 COM/DCOM/COM+ Development Framework and
Tools opens every facet of the Windows platforms to Ada 95
development. Never again will the cries be heard, "but there are no
bindings" on the Windows platform!

GWindows is being made available under the GNAT modified GNU GPL used
by GNAT's runtime library making it availble for use in both GPL and
proprietary applications.

For more information on GNATCOM, to view the on-line documentation,
and to download the product, please visit

More information on GWindows can be found at

David Botton
Email: David@Botton.com
Web: http://www.gnavi.org/gnatcom

(c) 1999-2004 All Rights Reserved David Botton