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GNAVI Press Releases - 2004-11-02
Press Releases for GNAVI - Open Source Visual RAD

		      Announcing the release of

			    GWindows 1.2
		    The Ada 95 Win32 RAD Framework

			   November 2, 2004

GWindows, the Professional Open Source Ada 95 Win32 RAD Framework,
introduces for the first time to Ada programming a comprehensive rapid
application development framework spanning GUI, Database and Active X
integration. It brings AdaPower ;-) to programming domains that up
until now are dominated by VB and Delphi.

GWindows includes extensive bindings to the Windows GUI including
support for common controls and dialogs, printing, and owner drawn
extensions to controls. In addition, GWindows adds a number of new
controls, keyboard support, multiple models of event handling, Active
X controls, support for creating dialogs and windows from resource
files, dynamic garbage collected windows, Window docking, non-GUI
bindings, database support, _database bound controls_, and much more!

GWindows builds as either ANSI or UNICODE (a first for Ada!) for
internationalization and performance boosts on Windows NT, 2000, and
XP. GWindows is tightly integrated with GNATCOM, the Ada 95
COM/DCOM/COM+ Development Framework and Tools opening every facet of
the Windows platforms to Ada 95 development. Never again will the
cries be heard, "but there are no bindings" on the Windows platform!

GWindows is designed to take advantage of Ada's unique combination of
features rich typing mechanisms. It is not a thin binding to an
underlying C interface, but a complete framework that takes advantage
of Ada at every level.

GWindows is being used world wide for production products by governments
and large companies to small personal projects.

Verision 1.2 of GWindows adds additional stability and improved support
for ActiveX controls, contributed packages, and more.

GWindows is being made available under the GNAT modified GNU GPL used
by GNAT's runtime library making it availble for use in both GPL and
proprietary applications.

For more information on GWindows, to view the on-line documentation,
and to download the product, please visit

Tutorials for GWindows are available at:

Information on the GNATCOM can be found at http://www.gnavi.org/gnatcom

David Botton
Email: David@Botton.com
Web: http://www.gnavi.org

(c) 1999-2004 All Rights Reserved David Botton