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GNAVI Press Releases - 2004-11-07
Press Releases for GNAVI - Open Source Visual RAD

(GNAVI.org) November 7, 2004 - GNAVI, the Open Source alternative to Delphi and Visual Basic, announces creation of a new web site http://www.gnavi.org. The new web design reflects the new direction of GNAVI to directly compete with Delphi, Kylix and Visual Basic, the current leaders in visual RAD tools. GNAVI basic on the international standard of engineering Ada, offers a more solid and robust solution for RAD development with an ISO standardized language at its foundation.

GNAVI currently offers GWindows 1.2 for RAD Windows development, GNATCOM 1.4 for ActiveX and COM development. The complete GNAVI IDE and visual builder is expected to be released mid 2005.

David Botton, Project Lead


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